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NATA Coaching Classes in Vijayawada 2019

Primo Institute of Design is a dynamic coaching institute which offers excellent NATA coaching. We don’t just offer entrance test coaching but also acquaint every student with the basics of the subject which helps in building strong aptitude for NATA (National aptitude test in architecture) entrance exam. We achieve this by preparing students for the Creative Ability Test. Most students lack the required skills to clear the Creative Ability Test. At Primo NATA Coaching center in VIJAYAWADA, we offer extensive coaching to develop creative thinking.

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Exam Pattern

With our NATA classes, students can realize their dreams of getting a career in architecture and design. Now, Primo is offering NATA in Vijayawada. Our NATA training is one of the best that is being offered in Vijayawada. Students of Vijayawada can now learn from the leaders of the industry in their own city. No need to travel to other cities to get quality NATA training and Coaching. Our highly talented and experienced staff of trainers and teachers teach every aspect crystal clearly which helps the students to grasp the content easily. If you are looking for a dynamic NATA Coaching center in Vijayawada, then look no further. Primo offers the best in the business NATA training for NATA entrance exam.

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